Resource Management

Focused on resource recovery and source protection to minimise our environmental footprint

Resource Recovery

Traditional consulting and conventional wisdom indicate there is one objective for a wastewater treatment plant. That objective is the production of high-quality finished water. This effluent water must be compliant with discharge criteria and eligible for return to the water environment. As your trusted operations partner and total solutions provider, OCWA looks at the entire wastewater treatment process and recognizes there are currently three major products that provide potential opportunities to recover additional value. These products are a clean and compliant effluent, a safe and useful biosolids product, and energy for use within the wastewater process or for sale to the grid. The opportunities in all three areas are understood by the experienced team at OCWA.

We can help you:

  • Conduct a review of all of the processes that are being applied to the separation and treatment of the solids stream
  • Review digestion practices to evaluate opportunities for digester enhancement and energy recovery
  • Review and optimize current biosolids management contracts
  • With technology selection, review, and transfer. Provide access to new technology and establish viability through plant scale trials.
  • Team with technology providers, design engineers, constructors, and developers for the provision of long-term total responsibility biosolids management contracts. This service can be provided through traditional procurement or in alternative project delivery including Public/Private Partnerships (P3)
  • Perform an in-plant energy review to determine the best opportunities to save, recover and/or produce energy
  • Explore opportunities to process outside generated materials to generate revenue, energy, or both

We can provide all aspects of operating and maintaining your water and wastewater facilities and systems, including:

  • Water Treatment
  • Water Distribution
  • Wastewater collection
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Process Optimization
  • Energy Management
  • Stormwater