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Person in protective suit doing a spill training exercise using Lego pieces


OCWA is your training partner for best-in-class water and wastewater training. Our training programs are available in multiple delivery methods: in-person, e-learning courses, virtual classrooms or arrange for a customized training solution tailored to your organization’s needs.

OCWA offers a wide range of hands-on water and wastewater two-hour modules. Our instructors are highly trained water and wastewater professionals and know the latest tools, techniques, and regulations. Our staff provides targeted, effective training for operators of small well systems and lagoons right up to water and wastewater systems serving millions of customers.

Our courses cover the following five main topic areas:

  1. Water
  2. Wastewater
  3. Health & Safety
  4. Compliance
  5. Soft skills

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For more information on how OCWA’s Training Courses can support the integrity of your water and wastewater systems, please contact