Why Choose OCWA?

OCWA Operator takes water sample

Interesting and Challenging Work

If you are someone who isn’t interested in sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day, OCWA operations may be the place for you! At OCWA, we want you to create and implement new ideas, see how your efforts contribute to the end goal and challenge yourself to expand your knowledge and capabilities.

OCWA employees in facility


We value the unique characteristics of all of our employees. It is important to us to promote and cultivate an inclusive workplace and to make inclusion a part of our recruitment and succession planning efforts. As an Ontario Public Service Agency, we are fortunate to have access to a variety of different diversity initiatives, programs and training.

A truly inclusive organization celebrates the differences of all its employees, and OCWA recognizes that attracting new employees provides an opportunity to enhance the diversity of our workforce.

Training Program in Progress at OCWA

Safe Workplaces

OCWA provides a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, regularly promoting awareness and action at every level of the organization.

OCWA is committed to the health and safety of its employees and the communities in which we operate. We realize the vital link between a culture of health and safety and a successful organization and are united in our vision and support for a safer, healthier, more prosperous Ontario.

Winners of the OCWAmarine Award

Awards and Recognition

OCWA Marine Awards recognize employee contributions with leadership, innovation and sustainability, quality service, team building and citizenship. OCWA’s Safety Awards publicly recognize the contributions that individual employees and groups make to promote healthy and safe OCWA workplaces each year. Both award ceremonies are held on an annual basis so recipients can be recognized in front of our leadership team.

OCWA employees tree planting

Healthy Lifestyles

Regular messages are distributed and events are held to promote healthy living of our staff. Our Employee Assistance Program provides regular newsletters directed to staff to assist with a variety of items, such as nutrition, child care and elder care issues, relationship issues and coping with stress.