Financial & Capital Planning Services

Making sure every dollar is invested well today so water is affordable tomorrow

We can help clients lay the groundwork for sustainable affordability by providing financial and capital planning, assessment, procurement and management services covering the full asset life cycle. As a result, water and wastewater systems have the capacity and resilience to meet community needs today while remaining affordable for future generations. We can provide the following services: 

Capital planning to ensure sound financial management

Rate studies to ensure financial sustainability

Our estimates of long-term capital and operating budget requirements are based on a thorough understanding of the full costs of running successful water and wastewater systems. Our full-cost recovery models have been honed based on more than 20 years proven results at those systems. This means that our rate study calculations are based on real data — which ensures there are no surprises for Council. 

Capital financing to improve client cash flows

OCWA can provide financing for municipalities investing in capital infrastructure. This can help those clients spread out major expenditures over a number of years to help them better manage their cash flow. Financing helps clients plan their cash flow when large expenditures need to be made on major capital works.

Procurement to leverage OCWA’s buying power

OCWA operates and maintains more than 500 water and wastewater systems across Ontario. That gives us the power to purchase expensive materials such as chemicals and energy at a lower cost than most small and medium sized municipalities. OCWA’s strategic procurement services can help municipalities determine the most cost-effective way to procure the goods they need.

We can provide all aspects of operating and maintaining your water and wastewater facilities and systems, including:

  • Water Treatment
  • Water Distribution
  • Wastewater Collection
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Process Optimization
  • Energy Management
  • Stormwater