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Asset Planning & Asset Management Services

Comprehensive life-cycle asset planning & management to better sustain critical assets

Stewardship of valuable infrastructure assets has taken on an increasingly important role in water and wastewater. The American Water Works Association State of the Water Industry survey ranked renewal and replacement of aging water and wastewater infrastructure as its top issue in 2014, 2015 and 2016. We can help clients determine just the right time to maintain, rehabilitate or replace assets and equipment, in order to achieve just the right balance of cost, reliability and risk. We can provide the following services:

Asset Management Plans & Strategies

We provide planning and assessment services that consider the full life cycle of water and wastewater infrastructure assets. This includes consideration of any growth-related needs for new assets as well as capital work required to maintain existing assets in a “state of good repair.”  Based on this information, we can help clients prioritize their investment needs and develop forecasts for short-, medium- and long-term capital requirements, capturing all the information in a comprehensive Asset Management Plan that ensures asset sustainability.

Asset Data Reliability & Accuracy Studies

Our asset management, operations and maintenance processes form the basis for the configuration of all of our integrated technology architecture — ensuring that our IT solutions always meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of our staff and clients. This client-centric approach in the way we develop and apply technologies is a fundamental part of our quest to support clients in maintaining sustainable communities of the future.

Resiliency Planning

We provide resiliency and capacity planning so that your infrastructure assets can withstand extreme events with minimum impact and are ready for long-term change. Planning for and mitigating capacity and resiliency risk in water and wastewater systems is essential to ensuring the communities feel safe and are confident in their water. 

Condition Assessments

OCWA works with our clients to conduct condition assessments, which establish a baseline while identifying corrections or repairs required to correct deficiencies. Assessments include  

  • Electrical/Mechanical equipment
  • Civil/Structural facilities
  • Operational Review and Assessment