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OCWA operator in protective gear does an experiment with students in a classroom.

OneWater® Education Program

The OneWater® Education Program teaches the value of water to students in grade eight by providing curriculum connected, hands-on activities to enhance their learning.

OneWater® brings educators together with local water operators, with OCWA operators visiting community classrooms to talk to students about how water is treated in their specific community. To date, more than 3,000 students across Ontario have participated in the program.

Contact Us

For further information on OCWA’s OneWater Education Program, please contact:

Taylor Hardacre
Education and Community Outreach Coordinator
(416) 452-9010

I Don’t Flush

The I Don’t Flush awareness campaign encourages the public to properly dispose of household items rather than flush them down their toilets.

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Supporting Communities

OCWA employees live and work in their communities. They choose to support local events and initiatives such as shoreline clean-ups, providing tours of local facilities and attending water festivals.

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