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Three hands, one holds up one finger, the second holds up two fingers and the third holds a roll of toilet paper

I Don’t Flush

When wipes, grease and other waste materials go down sinks and toilets, they can clog household plumbing and wastewater systems.

This can lead to serious damage to homes, municipal infrastructure and the environment. That’s why OCWA co-launched the award-winning I Don’t Flush campaign back in 2014.Through fun and informative PSAs, educational materials and social media posts, the campaign warns about the consequences of improper disposal habits and educates people on what they shouldn’t put down their sinks and toilets. Since 2014, we’ve encouraged millions of people across Ontario, Canada and around the world to trash their bad habits, not their drains! Join the I Don’t Flush movement! Learn more on our website and our social media channels.

Public Service Announcement #1: Unused pharmaceuticals

Public Service Announcement #2: Hygiene products

Contact Us

To learn more about how your municipality can become involved in the I Don’t Flush campaign, please contact:

Corporate Offices

2085 Hurontario Street, Suite 500
Mississauga ON L5A 4G1
T 905-491-4000 | 1-800-667-6292

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