OCWA Creates Public Service Campaign to Encourage Proper Disposal of Pharmaceuticals

October 9, 2014

While the folks here at OCWA deal with flushable on a daily basis, we also know there are certain things that just shouldn't go down our drains! Earlier this spring, OCWA - along with our partner the Clean Water Foundation - launched a campaign to encourage the public to return their unused/unwanted medications back to the pharmacy as opposed to flushing them down the toilet or drain, or throwing them in the garbage. The I Don't Flush campaign is an extension of our existing program, Prescription for Clean Water, and consists of a website, Facebook page, Twitter hashtag and a public service announcement (PSA) featuring prominent Ontarians. The PSA will be made public over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for details!

I Don't Flush filming

TV Entertainer Scott Yaphe and Comedian Jessica Holmes while filming the I Don't Flush PSA

The website ( also contains information about other non-flushables, like wipes, household hazardous waste and fats/oils/grease. A very special thank you to our campaign supporters: The Region of Peel, York Region and the Health Product Stewardship Association.