OCWA and SOWC Collaborate to Support Water Innovation in Ontario

July 28, 2015

OCWA is pleased to announce a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Southern Ontario Water Consortium (SOWC). This MOU will support the research, development and demonstration of water technologies in Ontario, something both of our organizations are passionate about. With a goal of maximizing opportunities for the demonstration and adoption of innovative technologies and approaches, the collaboration will support the needs and interests of our clients and all stakeholders in the Ontario water sector.

Operating hundreds of facilities across the province, OCWA is well-positioned to partner with its clients and conduct pilot demonstrations for new technology - a crucial step in the overall innovation process.

As a Total Solutions Provider, OCWA offers a complete range of services to support our clients through every stage of the asset lifecycle, ensuring the long-term sustainability of their water and wastewater infrastructure. With this collaboration, OCWA can identify challenges that would benefit from innovative solutions. It is expected that the combined forces of OCWA and SOWC will significantly increase the number of potential projects for demonstration on the SOWC platform or for pilot demonstration at OCWA client facilities.

We look forward to working with SOWC and in partnership with our clients to help bring new and innovative technologies to the forefront of the Ontario water sector.

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