New Regional Hubs aim to offer complete infrastructure solutions for Ontario communities

February 16, 2016

How quickly can your community diagnose, procure and tender major repairs and system upgrades at a water or wastewater treatment plant? If you're like many municipalities, external resources are often required to complete the task, a costly and time-consuming process to select contractors and then stand by as they examine the problems and evaluate infrastructure solutions.

Recent changes to OCWA's regional structure will make it faster and easier for municipalities to get help and implement solutions for infrastructure challenges. The realignment introduces 10 regional hubs in the province, each led by a Regional Hub Manager who is focused on providing municipalities with frontline technical expertise to assess and overcome any issue related to water, wastewater and stormwater.

"OCWA teams live and work in the communities that they serve and have acquired in-depth knowledge of municipal treatment plants and the challenges they face," says Rob Andrews, President and CEO, OCWA. "Our new Regional Hub Managers are highly skilled technical experts that can leverage this knowledge to quickly and competently address municipal infrastructure project delivery. This is a major asset to communities that aren't able to employ or retain city engineers and don't have immediate access to such expertise."

This approach also enhances OCWA's ability to deliver a complete range of solutions to Ontario municipalities that include operations, maintenance, financing and capital projects, such as capacity increases, process upgrades and improvements in energy efficiency.

"OCWA's trusted and talented experts are ready to form long-term partnerships and expand our role as a valuable resource in municipal infrastructure planning and operations," Rob says. "Our goal is to provide the most efficient and cost-effective path for communities to build and maintain resilient infrastructure that protects the health and safety of drinking water, minimizes the environmental impact of wastewater effluent and can adequately handle stormwater."
OCWA currently services approximately 160 municipalities in Ontario.

Contact a Regional Hub Manager for experienced, technical assistance with your infrastructure challenges.