Disclosure of Travel and Hospitality Expenses

Robin Kissner

All expenses processed between July 1, 2011 to September 30, 2011

Date, Date:Purpose, But:Position, Titre:Total, Total:
7/13/2011 to 7/13/2011Travel for Timesheet TrainingHub Administrative Assistant$136.00
7/24/2011 to 7/25/2011GP2010 MeetingHub Administrative Assistant$364.88
8/1/2011 to 8/4/2011GP2010 SessionsHub Administrative Assistant$893.17
8/9/2011 to 8/11/2011GP2010 SessionsHub Administrative Assistant$721.71
8/15/2011 to 8/17/2011Training of Time Sheets of LAWSSHub Administrative Assistant$428.14
8/28/2011 to 9/1/2011GP2010 TrainingHub Administrative Assistant$1,143.51
9/25/2011 to 9/28/2011GP2010 TrainingHub Administrative Assistant$981.01
9/28/2011 to 9/29/2011GP2010 TrainingHub Administrative Assistant$390.41