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Monday, September 24, 2012

Ontario Clean Water Agency and Hydromantis Announce Collaboration on Innovative Training Simulator

Toronto, ON — August 9, 2012. The Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA), a world leader in water and wastewater services, is pleased to announce their collaboration with Hydromantis Environmental Software Solutions, Inc. (Hydromantis) on enhancements to OCWA’s training program for wastewater operators. OCWA will be incorporating Hydromantis’ SimuWorks™, an advanced training and development platform based on their industry leading GPS-X 6.1 simulation technology

“OCWA is raising the bar for wastewater operator training and development by investing in state-of-the-art simulation tools” says Yarlene Frisani, Director, Risk, Compliance and Training at OCWA. “SimuWorks™ takes our current training to higher levels by providing wastewater operators with the most comprehensive and realistic instruction available to the industry.”

Hydromantis, a leading global provider of water and wastewater simulation technology and expert modelling services, was founded over 26 years ago and was the first company to commercialize wastewater treatment modelling software. GPS-X was introduced in 1985 and, with version 6.1, continues to be the industry’s tool of choice for the mathematical modelling, simulation, optimization and management of wastewater treatment plants.

“Collaborating with a leading operations and training organization like OCWA is a great opportunity for Hydromantis as we evolve SimuWorks™,” said Darren Richarz, Hydromantis’ VP Sales and Marketing. “Both organizations are committed to improving safety and operational efficiencies at water and wastewater treatment plants; an effective training program, supported by advanced technologies, like SimuWorks™, is fundamental to that commitment.”

OCWA’s training simulator should be available starting early fall and will be incorporated into existing, and new OCWA training courses.

About Hydromantis
Hydromantis Environmental Software Solutions, Inc. traces its roots back over 25 years as the global
pioneer in the development of water and wastewater simulation technology. Based in Hamilton,
Ontario, Canada, Hydromantis offers expert consulting for treatment plant modelling, design and
optimization and is the developer and owner of the industry’s most advanced modelling and simulation software including: GPS-X™, Toxchem™, CapdetWorks™ and WatPro™.

About OCWA
The Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) provides environmentally responsible and cost-effective water and wastewater services to municipalities, institutions, industry and First Nations. Established as a provincial crown agency in 1993, OCWA operations, engineering, and technical services provide clean water expertise to communities and businesses all across Ontario.

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