Disclosure of Travel and Hospitality Expenses

Thomas Nicol

All expenses processed between April 1, 2014 to June 30, 2014

Date, Date:Purpose, But:Position, Titre:Total, Total:
04/01/2014 to 04/30/2014Site Support for Orangeville, Tansley,Wellesley, Conestoga and Cisco connects, Toronto MeetingOperations Technical Services Representative$202.52
05/01/2014 to 05/30/2014Site Support for Stratford,Conectogo SCADA, Wasage Beach and Waterloo, Toronto MeetingOperations Technical Services Representative$118.12
05/11/2014 to 05/14/2014OCWA Jets Team, WEA Conference,New JerseyOperations Technical Services Representative$746.08
06/01/2014 to 06/13/2014Site Support for Espanola hub, Brantford, Elgin and Wasaga BeachOperations Technical Services Representative$1,057.21
06/18/2014 to 06/27/2014Site Support for Elgin and Southampton, Erin Mills and Waterloo meetingsOperations Technical Services Representative$276.06